Four Fathoms Deep

The Belle Sounds‘ 2013 self-titled debut moved in a direction similar to that of songwriter/vocalist Noëlle Hampton‘s solo work, weaving lush and delicate acoustic folk pop that holds a quiet power beneath its gentle surface. But even then, Hampton and husband/creative partner André Moran knew an evolution was brewing in the band’s style. And since Hampton took on the role of producer, it’s expanded further into a synth-pop realm that compliments the band’s shimmering melodies. The new EP Four Fathoms Deep is the latest to show off the exploration of electronic layers with a vibrant ‘80s-inspired palate of synth-and-hook pop.

The Belle Sounds celebrate their latest release with a show tomorrow night, Saturday July 8, at The Pershing, 2415 E. 5th St. The evening includes a solo performance by Sabrina Ellis (A Giant Dog, Sweet Spirit). Doors at 8 p.m.

Sabrina Ellis

AMM July 7 2023

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