Hear The Light

The bottom line for Austin roots rock outfit Uncle Lucius was to get things done their way. In this case, they wanted to make their next album independently, without the constraints of a record label. Fair enough. They got out of their record label deal and rejoiced at the thought of their independence, but there was one important little detail they had to keep in mind: There was no back-up plan. None. How’s it feel to jump without a parachute or a net? Scary is one word that comes to mind.

But the future’s uncertainty did not deter Uncle Lucius, and with a bit of financial help from their ever-growing fan base (thanks in part to endless touring across the country), the guys were able to pull funds together to move forward with the album’s production. This kind of momentum gave birth to The Light, no doubt reflecting their experience of reaching out to others and the importance of looking within.

Uncle Lucius is celebrating their new album with a release show tomorrow night at The Parish, 214 E. 6th St., with a stellar line-up, featuring Not In the Face‘s Jonathan Terrell doing a set of his solo work, and folk rock quintet The Harvest Thieves. Doors open at 7 p.m. The Austin Music Minute recommends getting there early to see all three performances. Very recommended.

– Photography courtesy of the artist.

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