Heavy As the Sun

Sara Houser approached the task at hand with…some trepidation. She wasn’t quite yet comfortable writing music on guitar, but the creative spirit will not be stifled. Hesitations be damned. Houser just went for it. And that determination was how, five years ago, she and her band Löwin recorded their first single for their debut EP, Royal Jelly.

Race ahead to five years later. Löwin’s second LP, Heavy As the Sun, shows front woman Houser inspired by a slight shift away from more fuzzed-out blitzes toward a pop direction, without leaving behind Löwin’s natural knack for rocking out. And Houser owns it.

Hear what the fuss is about as Löwin celebrates the release of Heavy As the Sun tonight at Cheer Up Charlie’s, with an equally badass line-up that includes Blushing, Fanclub, and All Eyes. Doors open at 8 p.m.

It’s the lion’s roar. So recommended.

-Photography by Tristan Ipock for KUTX.

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