Here’s To the Real Deal

Only Dale Watson can coin a word like “Ameripolitan” and have it make all the sense in the world. Truth be told, the Austin troubadour simply got a bit irritated with all the lameness conveniently being labeled as “country” music these days (because it isn’t). So he created the term “Ameripolitan,” music with a prominent roots influence – hillbilly, before we knew it as “country”; honky tonk; rockabilly; western swing; and down-and-dirty, no-bull outlaw. Many times, you’ll hear the Austin Music Minute refer to “old-school country.” That, as Watson might tell you, is pretty much anything that isn’t something you’ll see on the Country Music Awards anytime soon. And thank goodness for that.

Here’s a way to make your Monday night right. See Dale perform tonight at The Continental Club, 1315 S. Congress Ave., at 10 p.m. Chuck those Monday blahs out the door. Recommended, and be sure to tell him the Austin Music Minute maven sent ya.

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