Hurts So Good

The words of John Aielli are forever burned into your humble AMM host’s skull: “Mrs. Glass is the ugliest woman I’ve ever seen, but she makes the most beautiful music,” he once proclaimed in gushing tones. Yes, the microphone was on. And Mrs. Glass embraced the intriguing compliment wholeheartedly. Such is the way of this blues-ridden, rock ‘n’ roll-drenched, deep-voiced badass artiste. And he wears a suit well, too.

Mrs. Glass (the even more intriguing moniker of guitarist/vocalist Jordan Webster) and his musical partners in crime, bassist Ivan Evangelista and drummer/percussionist Ian Fry, released a new album a couple of months ago, Happy Every Day, on the recently-formed Good Horse Record Company label. Surely, these are the tunes to drink whiskey and chain smoke to, bedeviled in sin, sorrow and sardonic wit. Bluesy rock ain’t ever hurt so good.

So, what you need to do is head out to The Blackheart tonight to see Mrs. Glass play, over at 86 Rainey St. The special guest on the bill is Los Angeles-based songwriter Raquel Rodriguez. You will dig this all around. Recommended.

– Photography by Angela Bardo.

This post is dedicated to the memory of Geraldine the Rainey Street Guinea Fowl.



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