After the Fall

The new album by The Sideshow Tragedy almost didn’t happen.

Songwriter and vocalist Nathan Singleton seriously considered the unthinkable – quitting. As in, not making music anymore. It was that soul-shattering. Sheer exhaustion and a personal life in absolute shambles did not make matters easier. Yet, in the summer of 2018, with drained soul and shaken disposition, Singleton and drummer Jeremy Harrell wearily made their back to Old Soul Studios in Catskill, NY to work again with longtime colleague, producer Kenny Siegal.

Rather than having a collection of tracks ready for recording, as they typically would, they only brought scattered pieces and shreds of unfinished ideas that would eventually turn into After the Fall. It was borne from a period of hell on earth, frankly. But that Sideshow Tragedy grit remains intact, reflecting a new era and a new feeling.

The Sideshow Tragedy shares their latest in a livestream release show at 7 p.m. (Central) tomorrow night, Friday October 30, on Bud’s Live and Direct on YouTube.

After the Fall

AMM October 29 2020 || The Sideshow Tragedy on Bud's Live and Direct

-Photography by Ryan Dorsett.

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