I Want My Hotel Free TV

Live music shows are, for the most part, still on pause, so it’s great to have a platform like Hotel Free TV keeping the momentum going. Actually, the “DIY life support machine for the local music scene” makes it an all-out virtual celebration of non-genre-defined music, art and performance, all in vibrant supersaturated color. Kinda like an amped-up Adventure Time, baby.

The online virtual residency presents another fabulous livestream extravaganza, Episode 11 if you’re keeping track, featuring sets by ATX hip-hop artist Blakchyl (featured on today’s AMM), garage-punk outfit HOTMOM, and performances by Banshee Rose and Rosalind Hussell. The party starts at 8 p.m. (Central) tonight, Thursday Jan. 14, on Hotel Free TV’s YouTube channel.

I Want My Hotel Free TV

AMM January 14 2021 || Hotel Free TV with Blakchyl, HOTMOM and more

-Photo of Blakchyl courtesy of Hotel Vegas.

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