In the Hub

It’s not fair to even attempt to describe something like Fusebox in a neatly-packaged summary. This is something that encompasses a gloriously overwhelming amount of intriguing, breathtaking, mind-blowing audio and visual stimuli too vast to encapsulate with a few mere words. It truly is art as a live experience.

The annual five-day performing arts festival highlights the talents of outstanding local, national and international interdisciplinary artists in oftentimes jaw-dropping live performance. It’s Fusebox’s 15th year of electrifying imaginations, and tonight, it convenes at the Hub.

The first night of the Fusebox Festival Hub, starting at 9 p.m., includes a swirling, mesmerizing DJ set with live accompaniment by Golden Dawn Arkestra. Immerse yourself in all the magic at the Hub, 1300 E. 5th St. You won’t need a Fusebox ticket for admission. Go for it. So recommended.

-Photo courtesy of the artist and Fusebox.

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