Inner Child

More artists to keep on your radar with this weekend’s Baby TV livestream show:

-Recent My KUTX guest DJ Christelle Bofale knows their deepest inspiration reaches into familial roots and the importance of mental health care. Both are at the core of Bofale’s self-discovery. That work shines through on today’s AMM featured track, “lullaby @ inner child,” a raw piece that came to Bofale during the wee hours. “…do you let it go / do you know how? / it’s not your fault!”

-In rich, deep tones, Oak Park, IL artist Kara Jackson unleashes a minimalist and introspective but no less powerful rendition of Gloria Gaynor‘s “I Will Survive” on a recording that came out earlier this month. Jackson’s debut, the gorgeous EP A Song for Every Chamber of the Heart, was released last year, with its magnificent and wistful closer “Don’t” frequently cited as a fan favorite – and with damn good reason.

Vonne (Austin-based songwriter Yvonne Goodwyne) quickly became an AMM fave with their lo-fi dark pop debut EP Foreign Affairs and the misty single “Doctor (B-Side)”. Earlier this month, Goodwyne released the starkly minimal composition “Elders?”, accompanied by a piano echoing ancestral spirits. “…who finds themself in the role of…” Vonne’s voice softly and deliberately repeats, with no answer to the question but the one the listener might provide.

Kendra Sells (BluMoon) moves in a solo direction with the release of Sells’ new single, “All In Your Head,” from their forthcoming EP on Richmond, VA label Quiet Year Records. Soul, jazz, trippy beatplay and experimental reverberation form the sonic sphere cradling the eternal self-doubting query: “Was it all in your head? / Was it just something that you dread?” 

Catch performances by these four artists starting at 7 p.m. (Central) tomorrow night, Saturday November 21, on Baby TV’s website. Proceeds benefit the artists, and the folks working Brooklyn venue Baby’s All Right.

Inner Child

AMM November 20 2020 || Baby TV presents Christelle Bofale, Kara Jackson, Vonne & Kendra Sells

-Photo of Christelle Bofale by Jinni J.

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