International Love

Your humble Austin Music Minute host learns something new every day. That was certainly the case when exploring the sounds of Ley Line. It started with the band’s name, because it’s at the very core of their focus. Ley line refers to a geometric pattern overlaying the earth that marks places of geographic importance and wonder. Think along the lines of the great Egyptian pyramids, or the Grand Canyon, or the Bermuda Triangle. These places are often referenced in various cultures as sacred “high-energy” points.

For the band, it all represents the connections made to people and places in each journey along the way. And from this experience, the Austin-based quartet curates a unique sound connecting the music they grew up with sounds from around the world, inspired by their travels. Imagine blues, folk and soul done through a global, multi-lingual perspective. That’s the magic right there.

Don’t miss Ley Line’s performance tonight in the perfect locale for such an experience, the Cactus Cafe, 24th and Guadalupe in the Texas Union building. Doors open at 8 p.m., and the music starts at 8:30 p.m. Absolutely spellbinding. Recommended.

*Please note: This edition of the Austin Music Minute originally aired yesterday, 03/07/18.

-Photo courtesy of the artist.

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