Life As Art

This is the definition of an all-around badass. Anastasia Hera picks up where frustration or despair would’ve left off. Her philosophy? “Life as art.”

Feeling passionately about rap since her childhood, Hera focused on developing this love of her favorite music into a signature style that doesn’t adhere to just one genre. Facing single motherhood and a variety of challenges along the way, Hera’s resilience helped her power through to become the rap artist, producer, teacher, actress, and successful entrepreneur she is today. In addition to founding the non-profit CAKE (Creativity Abundance Knowledge Elevation) in 2015, which provides support for women and girls in music, Hera launched her company HERA Tropical Rum in 2021.

Don’t miss Anastasia Hera at the next Skylab, a music industry social presented by Spaceflight Records tomorrow evening, Thursday Oct. 12, at Scholz Garten on San Jacinto Blvd. It’s an early free show, 5:30 to 7:30 p.m., and it’s open to everyone, not just the music industry folks!

AMM Oct. 11 2023

Spaceflight Records’ Skylab presents Anastasia Hera, Thursday Oct. 12 at Scholz Garten.

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