Looking Back

The past is the past…is the past. Yet who among us hasn’t looked back, maybe to brood over what one could’ve done better, or mourn what might have been? Or…perhaps seethe with regret?

Why Bonnie‘s debut full-length 90 in November, as rock ‘n’ roll raw as it is gorgeously intimate, dives into the complexity of nostalgic rumination. More specifically, it’s a glance into the inner workings of songwriter/vocalist Blair Howerton following major life changes, including a move from Texas to New York in 2019. not to mention being stuck in a Brooklyn apartment during quarantine. But it was within those confines Howerton penned the pictorial poetry that would become 90 in November, the past and present reconciled, or rather, “…coming to terms with your past to accept all of the sweet and all of the bitter,” as Howerton explained via Keeled Scales.

Before heading out on the road to hit a few Texas cities, Why Bonnie performs in Austin tonight, Friday Sept. 16th, at The Ballroom. They share the bill with Font, and On Being An Angel. Doors at 7 p.m.

AMM Sept. 16 2022

Why Bonnie at The Ballroom, Friday Sept. 16, with Font and On Being An Angel.

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