Love Austin Music: CAPYAC Bug Prom

Though they’re making music in LA these days, CAPYAC did get their start in Austin. So, in celebration of Love Austin Music Month, the AMM recommends the CAPYAC Bug Prom, happening tonight, Saturday Jan. 15 at The Belmont, 305 W. 6th St.

Yes, it’s a Bug Prom, or bug-themed winter formal dance party with a very specific dress code: Formal and/or insect attire. Get out your finest tuxes, evening gowns…wings, pincers, stingers, maybe antennae? Just make it your finest insect ensemble, exotic or creepy-crawly. Remember to check with the venue for COVID safety protocol, and bring your mask.

Plus, making a special guest appearance all the way from LA is MC Slim Jeff, ready to jump in and perform “Sanctuary.” Shake that beetle booty – or technically, abdomen. Mind your mandibles.

AMM January 15 2022

Love Austin Music: CAPYAC Bug Prom at The Belmont

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