Lovers From the Past

Near and dear to your Austin Music Minute host’s dark little heart. LA darkwave artist Mareux dives deep into the unsettling murky depths of unrequited passion on the new LP Lovers From the Past. Musician and producer Aryan Ashtiani created a haunting soundtrack for a haunted memory, making it almost impossible to move on.

Mareux’s current tour includes a stop in Austin for a show tomorrow night, Tuesday May 9, at The Parish, 501 Brushy St. And presenting a perfect opener for the evening, Urban Heat. Doors at 7:30 p.m. The AMM recommends donning anything black in your wardrobe.

Urban Heat opens for Mareux, Tuesday night at the Parish.

AMM May 8 2023

Mareux performs in Austin tomorrow night, Tue. May 9, at Parish, with Urban Heat.

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