Monumentally Heavy

There’s no denying it. Ume has more than enough power and volume to ever erupt from a three-piece band. Of all the people in the world, Anthony Bourdain summarized it best when, upon seeing them perform, succinctly described their sound as “a sh_tload of rock in a tiny little room.” Well, whether you’re watching them play in a tiny room or experiencing them live at a major venue, it will blow your mind either way.

Just this week, Ume released Monuments, the follow-up to their well-received 2011 debut Phantoms. Guitarist and front woman Lauren Larson said that working with Grammy Award-winning producer Adam Kasper gave the band that extra edge to open the floodgates and hold nothing back. This time around, the songs are harder, heavier, yet, true to Ume’s style, distinctively emotional portrayals of the human experience.

To celebrate the new album’s release, Ume is doing a special in-store performance Friday at 5 p.m. at Waterloo Records, 600-A North Lamar. This will have quite a turnout, so be sure to arrive a bit early. And don’t leave without getting your own copy of Monuments. Recommended.

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