Moontower Kids

Climb on board for a jaunt to the delightful flip side. Legend has it that the four renegades of Thanks Light were hatched beneath a moon tower, and they’ve been trippin’ minds ever since – including their own minds, perhaps. So the story goes (if you ask). And on that pathway, you’ll encounter all the mutant country, graveyard stomp and drunken gospel your parched soul can ingest, with generous layers of pop, psych, folk and rock overlapping in the shimmering vibe.

Thanks Light invites you out to their show tonight at the Mohawk, 912 Red River, indoor stage, on a bill shared with Dinner With Matt Gilchrest and Blacktooth. Get in on the revelry at 8 p.m. And check out the video for “Little Pink Fluffy Clouds,” the dreamy track featured on today’s AMM. Recommended.

-Photography by Mind Heart Lens.

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