Moving Parts

A few months ago, after revisiting two 2012 releases by Boyfrndz, All Day Pass and And So It Goes, the word “cerebral” popped into my head. However, it was a description far removed from the typical references it might carry – overloaded, stuffy, sometimes full of its own superiority. Boyfrndz is the refreshing opposite of that. This is more about the perfect marriage of technical prowess and cacophonous abandon.

The Austin-based trio, featuring guitarist and vocalist Scott Martin, drummer Aaron Perez, and bassist Joseph Raines, presents a tremendous, explosive style incorporating melody into madness, like a combination of a heavy but laid-back shoegaze flowing within wild, sometimes erratic noise-pop. Quite simply, this is melodic chaos, catchy hooks and thoughtful precision coexisting in a post-rock/math-rock dimension. On their new EP Natures, you discover that experimental vibe with its unusual beauty, both potent and chaotic, but maintaining its complexity without being mired in technical details.

Cheers to another Austin Music Minute favorite. Be sure to see Boyfrndz play tonight at Holy Mountain, 617 E. 7th St., along with Oakland-based punk/soul shredders Twin Steps and local new wave pop outfit Party Girl, featuring members of The Carrots. Doors open at 9 p.m.

Totally recommended. As well you know.

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