Nobody’s Home

There were many changes afoot when singer/songwriter Caelin moved to Austin in 2015 from the Bay Area. Though she didn’t immediately immerse herself in her musical career or the local scene, she took to heart the encouragement given to her by Jimmy LaFave. Though he passed away before they could work together, Caelin never forgot this inspiring connection, or the fact that LaFave was impressed with her vocal abilities.

That immense voice comes from a lot of time spent looking inward, diving into emotional depths to bring a vulnerability to the surface. “Something that I really want people to know is that it’s ok to feel,” Caelin says about her unflinchingly honest lyrical delivery. And, through her desire to explore new influences and develop skills as a producer, Caelin found a new collaborator in Mobley. The two set to work on songs Caelin wrote in 2020, and one of those tracks, “Nobody’s Home,” is out today.

Join Caelin for the celebratory release show tonight, Friday July 22, at Hole In the Wall, with a line-up featuring multi-genre artist Breadcouch, songwriter Kind Keith, and a solo set by Lainey Gonzales starting at 9 p.m.

AMM July 22 2022

Caelin single release show at Hole In the Wall, Fri. July 22, with Bread Couch, Kind Keith and Lainey Gonzales.

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