Not Your Ordinary Love Song

The imagery of Aimee Bobruk‘s new album, /ba.’brook/, is incredibly vivid, bubbling over with life and built with delicate detail. If you listen to the tracks more than once, you’ll probably catch something new each time. Bobruk uses her voice as an artist would use colors. That distinctive voice, combined with a multitude of instruments, almost becomes a supernatural presence. But it’s all real. These are real emotions and real humor, in the way that only Bobruk knows how to express them.

Bobruk has other recordings to her credit (including The Safety Match Journal in 2008 and the Small Town Girl EP in 2003) but /ba.’brook/ is undoubtedly my first real introduction to these unique portraits she makes that one can only find in dreams.

The Austin-based songwriter and artist comes from a punk rock background. These days, she’s focused on her uniquely designed avant-garde folk, although you’ll find some punk aesthetics here and there,  all done with such depth and genuine sincerity. Exquisite, poetic, and quite unconventional, you’ll see why it’s so easy to fall in love with /ba.’brook/.

Before embarking on a tour of the East Coast and parts of Canada, Aimee Bobruk is having an album release show tonight at The Continental Club Gallery, 1315 S. Congress Ave., located directly above the Club. It’s an early show that starts at 8:30 p.m. Be sure to get a copy of the new album. Brilliant and lovely. Recommended.


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