Olson St. Clair at Long Play Lounge East

Welcome to a not-so-ordinary listening experience… The AMM will not bog you down with blatherings-on about the magnificent musical complexities of Olson St. Clair. Take the journey and see where it leads you.

The Austin-based free jazz combo is a project hatched from the minds of Pocket SoundsMichael St. Clair and composer Jeffrey Olson, both inspired by a specific curiosity in terms of their first release, Western Free, on NYC experimental jazz label Chant Records. What exactly defines a Western sound – whether it’s a music style tagged with that label, or the western that calls to mind cattle-filled plains, endless skies and cowboys? St. Clair and Olson approached it all on their debut EP as an exploration of genre and anti-genre, an intentional departure from the expected, but simultaneously honoring the precedents set by the ground-breaking artists before them.

Olson St. Clair is presenting their debut live performance tonight, Wednesday Feb. 9, at Long Play Lounge East, 1910 E. Cesar Chavez. The show starts at 9 p.m.

AMM February 9 2021

Olson St. Clair performs at Long Play Lounge East, Wednesday Feb. 9.

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