Omarr Awake at Hole In the Wall

Today’s AMM spotlights an artist previously featured on the KUTX Song of the Day, Omarr Awake. Songwriter and vocalist Omarr Escoffié had dedicated years of recording and touring worldwide with his LA-based band Slow Car Crash before making a solo debut in 2013, following his move to Austin. And the ATX is where Escoffié continues evolving his genre bend-and-twist style, never adhering to any one kind of sound. It moves wherever inspiration carves a path.

Omarr Awake performs tomorrow night, Tuesday April 19, at Hole In the Wall, with a line-up including Austin doom folk duo Screamin’ J, and Bay Area songwriter Brian Kelly’s musical project, Oceanography. The show starts at 8 p.m.

AMM April 18 2022

Omarr Awake performs at Hole In the Wall, Tuesday April 19.

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