On With the Neverending Dream

As you might have guessed, it’s a complicated thing to keep track of the many bands featured on the Austin Music Minute, and the many more sent my way for review. That being said, the connection I felt with local trio Feverbones was not immediately apparent to me. I kept thinking, “Wait – I know these guys from somewhere…” Never mind that Abram Shook, Christopher Cox and Matthew Shepherd had all sent me messages about their forthcoming EP. Um…hello? I soon had my major “der DUH” moment when I finally realized why I recognized everyone, apart from the band.

Shook was songwriter and front man for the now-dissolved The Great Nostalgic, a band that was picking up momentum in the local scene until one member moved away. But it may have been a blessing in disguise. Shook teamed up with Cox and Shepherd, both of whom have played with AMM faves Dana Falconberry and Paul Banks (Paul Banks & The Carousels). Definitely an impressive line up. You get a sense of how well they gel together on the self-titled EP, five distinctive tracks of groove-laden indie-pop with phenomenal vocals by Cox and Shook, and starting most intriguingly with a departure from pop in the Afrobeat-esque “African Rue.”

This is one to check out. Feverbones will be releasing the EP digitally, with CD copies to follow for future tour dates. Meanwhile, they’ll celebrate the official release with a show tonight at The Blackheart, 86 Rainey St. The bill includes performances by local bands The Plastic Habit and Gorgeous Hands. Get there after 9 p.m. Excellent line-up. Recommended.

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