Ones and Sixes

Immersing oneself in the deliberate flow of Ones and Sixes, the eleventh studio album by Low, leaves very little doubt that this is the mesmerizing, minimalist and ethereal slowcore that the Duluth, MN trio is known and loved for. This slow-moving durability remains a standout amidst what would be considered more prevailing upbeat fare, similarly to the way their music did in the ’90s within a wave of quicker-paced, high-volume noise. Yet on this album, husband and wife Alan Sparhawk and Mimi Parker, along with bassist Steve Garrington, found various ways to delve further into sonic experimentation to evolve their sound, including more electronic instrumentation/percussion, and a tension – an urgency, both musically and lyrically. Several reviewers have declared Ones and Sixes some of Low’s best work to date.

Low is wrapping up a U.S. tour this month, which includes an Austin stop for a show tonight at the Parish, 214 E. 6th St. Doors open at 8 p.m. This summer, the band heads out to the U.K. for five shows in early August.

-Photography by Shervin Lainez.

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