Permanent Trash

The story of how Austin-based punk trio Pussy Gillette started is pretty straightforward, but a damn cool one. Guitarist Nathan Calhoun, a longtime presence in the local scene (WE Are the Asteroid, Chaindrive), invited his friend Masani Negloria to jam, and while Negloria had a bass, she didn’t know how to play. Not that this mattered in the least. Not that you can tell. Once Negloria and Calhoun started writing songs, there was no stopping them. And seeing Negloria working a crowd is gold. Natural born show stopper.

Joined by drummer Brent Prager, Pussy Gillette thrives on spontaneity and songwriting sessions on the fly. Their second LP Permanent Trash burns and bristles with a grimy energy that’s part punk, part garage, and all nasty. Don’t snooze on this. Catch Pussy Gillette playing two nights at Chess Club on Red River. It’s tonight, Wednesday Nov. 15 and tomorrow, Thursday Nov. 16, with tonight’s bill featuring San Antonio band FEA and Austin band The Pinky Rings; tomorrow includes Exotic Fruitica and Grocery Bag. Doors at 8 p.m. both nights.

AMM Nov. 15 2023

Pussy Gillette plays two nights at Chess Club

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