Power In the Pop

There’s no question about the rock-solid power pop brilliance of Cotton Mather. Whether you know Kon Tiki front to back, you’re a late bloomer who got your first fix through Death of the Cool or Wild Kingdom, or you’ve been around since the 1992 Crafty Flower Arranger demo made the rounds, you know this is pop at its finest. Songwriter/front man Robert Harrison is a master of perfect guitar-and-vocal-harmony pairings. Distinctive writing. No pretension. The hook is immediate, baby.

Make plans to catch Cotton Mather tomorrow night at Stubb’s indoor venue, 801 Red River. Burgess Meredith starts out the show. Doors open at 8 p.m. However, it’s best to get there as early as possible; the fans will fill up the place like mad. So very recommended.

-Photography by KT Yarbrough.

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