Ramble On

You get the best of all worlds from Rosie and The Ramblers. This is a band that takes some tried-and-true classic sounds and adds their own contemporary spin to them. Yes, you’ll find songs of heartbreak, but songwriter Selena “Rosie” Rosanbalm has a way of injecting her sense of humor into them, making some of the band’s most heart wrenching tunes the most catchy. You can’t help but dance. And, growing up in a family that moved quite a bit from state to state, Rosie’s soul-searching question is one for the ages: How on earth can you plant your roots when the ground beneath you is constantly moving? May as well keep on going ’til you can’t move anymore.

You can see Rosie and The Ramblers tonight at The White Horse, 500 Comal St. Keep in mind that this will be their last show for awhile, since they’ll be heading into the studio to work on their full length album. They take to the stage at midnight. Get there early to see the Hot Nut Riveters at 8 p.m. and the Rollfast Ramblers at 10 p.m. Recommended.

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