Thanksgiving Eve

Something you should know about our fair city: There are often quite a few badass show happening the night before Thanksgiving. No lie. This would be one of them. The Austin Music Minute puts the spotlight on Hotel Vegas, 1500 E. 6th St. This is a pretty sweet deal:

-These gents are promising they’ll “give you something to be thankful for.” Meaning their music and a killer show, of course. (Hey now…) Get bathed in the mind/soul-expanding psych drenched in all manner of musical genre, brought to you by The Millbrook Estates. Fiery artist alert: David Rawlinson ain’t afraid to let loose, man. Your brain may explode.

-It’s all one vast, dark, western landscape of death. Well…at least, it sounds that way. Soak up the black country deathwestern vibes of local trio Om Wahs. Rumor has it these renegades are horned beasts, one and all. Photographic proof pending.

-It’s an endless flow, restricted by nothing but the mind. No worries, they’ll open that for you, too. Self-proclaimed “loosey-goosey” psych-meisters Geranium Drive conjure the majick.

-Featured on today’s AMM, the ever-expanding sound melds of Food Group bring all the rich, heavy experimental vibes. No holding back.

This is how you start your Thanksgiving holiday. Recommended.

-Photo of Food Group courtesy of the artist.

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