Seriously, How Are You?

Kevin Curtin of the Austin Chronicle stopped by KUTX this afternoon to chat with Jay Trachtenberg about, among other cool things, an event taking place tonight at the Mohawk. It’s a special occasion for a number reasons. Yes, it’s Daniel Johnston‘s birthday. And, in celebration of that icon of music icons known round the world, the SIMS Foundation and the newly-formed Hi, How Are You Foundation organized Hi, How Are You Day, named for the instantly recognizable Innocent Frog image created by Johnston and made famous by his cassette Hi, How Are You: The Unfinished Album. It’s no longer simply a trademark; both SIMS and Hi, How Are You, co-founded by Courtney Blanton and Tom Gimbel, are building momentum behind the casual query to turn it into something much bigger.

Hi, How Are You Day celebrates music, art, and mental wellness in an effort to erase the stigma that often comes with any attempted discussion about personal issues, coping, or suffering. When one turns to a friend, a neighbor, a loved one, to ask, “Hi, how are you?”, the very question should ideally invite an honest and upfront dialogue about such issues.

All are invited to this evening’s Hi, How Are You Day show at the Mohawk, 912 Red River, featuring the songs of Daniel Johnston as performed by Moving Panoramas (Full disclosure: Your Austin Music Minute host will accompany front woman Leslie Sisson on some vocals), Kathy McCarty, Will Courtney, Josh T. Pearson & Jonathan Terrell, Jane Ellen Bryant, Cowboy Diplomacy and special guests, starting at 7 p.m. on the outdoor stage. Inside, artwork by Johnston, David Thornberry, Jason Archer, Miguel Rangel, and Matthew Rodriguez will be on display.

From the heart. Very recommended.

-Photo of Daniel Johnston courtesy of Cy Jaré and Daniela Punky.

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