Shooks Up

Joseph A Mizera

It’s all in the family. But if you ask, Marlon Sexton will tell you he got his love of music from both parents, though most folks are inclined to remember his father. It’s cool either way. Mom had tons of CDs that Sexton listened to when he was a kid, and dad’s life is pretty much all music, so it became a part of Sexton’s life in a totally organic way. And when many of your friends, like you, are musicians…it’s only natural to make a band, right?

Shooks debuted in 2020 with the EP Pet, followed by a set at ACL Fest 2021, a Continental Club residency, and this year’s badass single “O2” (featured on today’s AMM). Badass all around, really, from the track’s rock/glam pulse to the mysterious allure of its video – the flashing lights, the dark energy, morphing into a shadowy blur.

Once again, this is a band you need to experience live. Shooks’ July residency at C-Boy’s Heart and Soul continues with a show tomorrow night, Thursday July 21. This week’s line-up includes multi-piece pop outfit Star Parks, and electro-experimental artist Bad Markings. The music kicks off at 10 p.m.

AMM July 20 2022

Shooks residency show at C-Boy’s, Thursday July 21, with Star Parks and Bad Markings.

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