SIMS Foundation Benefit

The SIMS Foundation is needed by our local music community now more than ever. And in turn, SIMS needs you.

Enough can’t be said about the commitment that the SIMS Foundation has made to provide access to mental healthcare for the Austin music community. And that does mean anyone in the industry – from musicians to sound engineers, to venue workers, to show promoters, and yes, even DJ’s. Your Austin Music Minute host counts herself among those who utilize the great services provided by SIMS. And this evening, you have an opportunity to show your support for all they do.

SIMS and The Nothing Song are presenting a benefit show tonight at Cheer Up Charlie’s, 901 Red River, featuring performances by The Oysters, Being Dead (“Underworld” from the EP Fame Money Death by Drive By is featured on today’s AMM), Holiday Music and Veranda. It’s all Austin-based artists on the line-up for the SIMS Foundation benefit show. The music starts at 9 p.m.

You can also make a donation to the SIMS Foundation by clicking here.

-Photo of Being Dead by Harrison Anderson.


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