Sing Along

Los Angeles-based “sadboy-singalong” masters Park Strangers pluck their pop/rock gems from the strains of a tormented heart. But oh, how delicious they are. From the first song on their 6-track EP PSMXTP, “Backwards Roll” (“…are you looking for a friend?/do you fear that you’re bound to break again?/as the cars all pass you by/does it make you feel alive?”), to the disquieting anguish of “Eileen,” to the hopelessness bound in a winter chill on “Let It Lie,” you savor these captured moments. Somehow, in some way, you just may identify with the aching that wreaks havoc on your insides.

Park Strangers just began a fall tour, which includes a stop in Austin for a show tonight at the Mohawk, on the inside stage, featuring local bands Good Talk, Food Group and Strange Mother. A most excellent bill. Doors open at 8 p.m. Recommended.

-Photo courtesy of Park Strangers’ Noah Weinman.

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