Sleeper Awakening

The term “prolific” is the understatement of the year if applied to Ty Segall. The California-based artist’s discography includes a massive solo catalog, on top of all his work with different bands and various collaborations. Really, just to be perfectly blunt:  Segall writes a damn good song.  And he can deliver it while shredding like a monster, unleashing copious amounts of revved-up fuzz and reverb. He can go on a full-on psychedelic rampage with glee. Then, along comes Sleeper, and we’re shown yet another side of this multifaceted talent, dealing with a moment in time that he would later describe as weird and intense.

Last December, Segall lost his adoptive father to cancer, and became estranged from his mother not long afterward. Sleeper was his raw emotional outlet that also marked a significant musical change of pace. It’s an all-acoustic album, save for the occasional touches of reverb or fuzz. Some would argue this is Segall’s greatest and most introspective release to date, stripped down with a more reflective tone but quite catchy and never losing its edge.

This is also the first time Segall’s done an acoustic tour. He’ll be in Austin tomorrow night to perform Sleep, in its entirety, at the Mohawk, 912 Red River on the outside stage. The bill features local bands Holy Wave and Hidden Ritual. Doors open at 6:30 p.m.

Expect Sleep to be included in your humble Austin Music Minute maven’s list of top albums this year. Recommended.

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