Some Nights

Sydney Mike-Mayer

[Insert Rod Serling voice here.] Imagine, if you will, an extreme upheaval in your existence, one that you took on willingly, but without considering the consequences. It’s a drastic change in your surroundings that ultimately changes your entire way of life, your work, and your relationships. What will this new terrain, this new atmosphere, bring? This is not a move to a different city, state, or even country. You’re literally on a different planet. Forget the Twilight Zone. You’ve now entered Static Dynamic.

The forthcoming LP by Austin-based collaborative performance group TC Superstar is songwriter/frontperson Connor McCampbell‘s exploration of life evolving/dissolving as one may know it, in terms of romance, job, home environment and even the entirety of humanity. The album is based on the idea of colonizing Mars; the first half tells the story of one character going off to that new life in space, while the other remains on Earth, and the second half takes a look at their different paths. “I wanted to imagine the effects of a Mars work-assignment on a romantic relationship to explore the severance the characters experience from each other’s reality,” McCampbell says.

Today’s featured AMM track is “Some Nights.” Let that disco beat sink in and join TC Superstar for their single release show tomorrow night, Thursday May 25, at Hotel Vegas. Doors at 6 p.m., with sets by KindKeith and Cloud Companion on the bill.

AMM May 24 2023

TC Superstar single release show Thursday, May 25 at Hotel Vegas, with KindKeith and Cloud Companion.

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