Spa Hunter

It wouldn’t be so terribly out of place to perform art (music, in this case) in a location like…say, for instance, a floatation tank. Actually, that may enhance quite a few soundscape experiments, don’t you think? Dallas Acid is a prime example of such thinking outside the performance box, and add to that a planetarium, several art installations, and one adventure involving a traveling culinary event and multi-media excursion. Every space is open to the possibilities of transforming into a kind of venue. Dallas Acid is pleased to take on the role of multi-faceted transforming agent.

The Austin-based trio released a double LP Original Soundtrack last year, on both the Flying Moonlight and Burger Records labels. Tonight marks the release of their latest cosmic endeavor, Spa Hunter, and of course, they require just the right ambiance to go hand in hand with their well-crafted sonic atmosphere. See Dallas Acid tonight at Justine’s, 4710 E. 5th St., along with Curved Light and DJ Inner Scepter.

Very recommended for an engaging, immersive experience.

-Photo courtesy of the artist, Marfa Film Festival – The Surreal Ball, July 15 2017.

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