That Need To Bleed

First things first. You know by now your friendly neighborhood Austin Music Minute host is active in clarifying some universal points. Case in point: SINE, the Austin-based rock/electronic outfit extending its figurative outstretched arms toward a beguiling but deadly abyss, is fronted by songwriter, drummer and vocalist Rona Rougeheart. This is where we transcend the now outdated and utterly useless term “female-fronted” band. SINE is, quite simply, a badass band. Period. This one happens to be led by Rougeheart. And, in a recent review comparing Rougeheart’s drumming style to that of The VandalsJosh Freese (nailed it), it should also be clear one is dealing with a dark, rhythmically rich and alluring sound that’s not to be trifled with.

It’s been a nerve-wracking journey, but Rougeheart is poised to unleash her latest creation. The pulsating frequency and grooves of SINE’s debut album INSOMNIÆ create an irresistible ominous undercurrent of unsettling moods, unraveling into depravity. What’s about to happen?

Something wicked this way comes. SINE presents their album release listening party tonight at Elyisum, 705 Red River, featuring DJ sets by AusuraSunil, (of KOOP’s Darkest Before Dawn), dark-eternal badass Curse Mackey, and the magnificent Candy Whiplash. Night fiends, gather at 9:30 p.m.

And you will dance. So recommended.

-Photo/art by Rona Rougeheart.

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