The Importance of Laughing at Love

Seth Gibbs and Sabrina Ellis of local band Bobby Jealousy had a chat with Texas Music Matters host David Brown to discuss their latest album, The Importance of Being Jealous, and to give a little background on the band’s history. Of course, Bobby Jealousy fans should know by now not to expect the ordinary. Brown got more than he asked for when inquiring about how the band got together. Gibbs began with a straightforward explanation, something about wanting more out of the music, and putting all their best material into one project, blah blah blah. Ellis gave another side to the story.

Make that…a back side.

“There’s a more romantic version,” she explained. You can hear the grin in her tone. “And for this, we should stand up and turn around and show you our backsides.” And they did.

Brown, being the consummate pro, didn’t even flinch. “These are tattoos: Seth and Sabrina.” Brief pause, followed by the classic dry wit. “So…there’s a relationship at the core of this…is what you’re trying to say.”

Thus began the tale of love (and marriage), and the great songs that came out of it. The band was built on this romance, and two new members were brought into the line-up literally moments before recording The Importance of Being Jealous, set for release on February 14. Perfect. But it gets even more interesting. Bobby Jealousy funded the album by selling songs for their special Valentine’s project, tied in with the album release. People who purchased songs were interviewed by the band about their love lives, with rather intriguing results. Their stories were made into songs that will be performed at the release party at Red 7.

This is a huge part of why I’m in love with this band. Next to the fiery mix of rock, pop, punk and whatever’s added to the equation, Bobby Jealousy’s twisted sense of humor makes for some ultra-awesome songwriting. To me, nothing says “funny” like tunes about the skyrocketing elated highs and wretchedly miserable lows of relationship drama. Happy happy, joy joy. They laugh in the face of love by writing songs that clearly show how messed up love can be, and – even more messed up – how we want more anyway.

Tonight, Bobby Jealousy plays the last gig of their residency at Hotel Vegas, 1500 E. 6th St. Great bill: Poor People, Gangster Rainbow and Zest of Yore. Doors open at 9 p.m. Recommended.

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