The Juice Is Loose

It all began with a tall order – “Big Mac.” Doesn’t need fries, babe. But it leaves your heart pounding as the car skids off and sails right past the drive-thru window at 190 mph. Lord Friday the 13th makes it all Mc-happen with a wicked whirl of glam/ pop-punk verve. Naturally, that fabulous frenzy carries over to the take-no-bull “Bigots Beware” and the mad sexy swagger of “Patent Leather.”

The siblings Lenz, Sloan and Felix, swerve off in a slight departure from their signature punked-up glam slam with their homage to the late David Berman. “Silver Juice” swathes the soundscape in a mesmerizing shoegaze/psych-like shimmer as they ponder the cyclical adventures of life, death…and whatever lies in between. Where does that silver mylar staircase lead to? Heaven? Or another party?

The band starts their first-ever tour in September, which includes stops in Denver, Seattle, San Francisco and LA. But before that, catch them in a stellar line-up tonight, Thursday July 22, at Hotel Vegas, 1502 E. 6th St. The show includes solo sets by Sabrina Ellis (Sweet Spirit, A Giant Dog), and Benjamin Violet (Pelvis Wrestley.) The music starts at 10 p.m.

The Juice Is Loose

AMM July 22 2021 || Lord Friday the 13th at Hotel Vegas, Thu. July 22, with Sabrina Ellis & Benjamin Violet

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