The Kydd

This is about as OG as it gets. Born and raised in the ATX, singer/songwriter/producer/emcee Kydd Jones got an early start in his craft and was making waves by age 15 (Sony Records sat up and took notice). Even though things didn’t exactly pan out with the label due to mismanagement, there was no stopping Jones, who immediately dove into a new project with LNS Crew (Leaders of the New Skool). After expanding and refining his technique in NYC and Atlanta, Jones returned to Austin to unleash his newfound inspiration with one gargantuan Homecoming (2018). And again, it bears repeating – there’s no stopping Jones.

The spotlight is on Kydd Jones on Purple Bee TV, Episode 45, presented in part by the CHHK. Catch the livestream show at 8 p.m. (Central) tonight, Friday March 12 at Purple Bee’s website, on their YouTube channel and on Twitch.

The Kydd

AMM March 12 2021 || Kydd Jones on Purple Bee TV, Friday March 12

-Photo courtesy of the artist.

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