The View From Nowhere

Nathan Singleton met the dude who would be his musical partner in rock ‘n’ roll madness, Jeremy Harrell, in 2001. Both were ravenous for a new direction. so long as the energy levels were high. That meant years of exploring multiple genres, and trying out various band line-ups, until reaching the point that felt right – by 2012, that is. And The Sideshow Tragedy saga continues, as it would for any dynamic duo with a hunger that won’t quit.

Today marks the release of The Sideshow Tragedy’s new album, The View From Nowhere, a gritty, unhinged jolt of blues-rock that feels like it’s emerging from the searing wreckage of an apocalyptic frenzy. Singleton and Harrell are packing the matches and gasoline with no remorse.

Get in on the blaze with The Sideshow Tragedy’s album release show tonight at The Continental Club, 1315 S. Congress Ave., featuring sets by Rattlesnake Milk at midnight, and Jack and the Hacks kicking things off at 10 p.m. The Sideshow Tragedy plays at 11 p.m. Rock it. So recommended.

-Art design Rachael Craft and photography by Michael Craft.

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