The Weight

Following their 2020 debut Cranberry Stream, electronic/experimental rock outfit Glasshealer released a new EP this month, But the Weight of Comfort Pulled Me Back Down. Taking inspiration from their own technological prowess (audio engineering experience is a huge plus), exploratory soundscapes, and influences that include Bjork, Radiohead, Sigor Ros, even something vaguely Kraftwerk-ian in this wizardry, the band cross-pollenates genres and shape-shifts into various beats, working from a palette of avant-garde and indefinable hybrids.

Experience the sonic adventure at Glasshealer’s EP release show tomorrow night, Friday Dec. 10, at Hotel Vegas, 1502 E. 6th. The excellent line-up includes sets by Flora and Fawna, and Holy Wave performing music from their 2014 LP Relax.

AMM December 9 2021

Glasshealer EP release show at Hotel Vegas, Fri. Dec. 10, with Flora & Fawna and Holy Wave.

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