This Is Not A Love Story

My colleague Chad Swiatecki is a great writer who keeps music lovers like me in the know. He’s done quite a bit for several publications, including Rolling Stone Magazine – which is how I happened upon an intriguing bit of background about Austin-based duo Sons of Fathers‘ forthcoming album, Burning Days.

Burning days, indeed. In a nutshell (with full credit to Swiatecki for the details, of course), Sons of Fathers’ David Beck and Paul Cauthen remained mostly tight-lipped about the gory details, but there was something about a love triangle gone horribly awry. Horribly. In any case, that explains the fiery spirit of the 10-track folk-rock collection. There are a few slightly mellower and introspective moments in the longing and lonesome “To Whom,” and the pedal steel twang of “Selfish Mind.” But on the whole, this entire thing is pretty fierce, especially with the two-part harmonies of Beck and Cauthen. “Does a heart make a sound if it breaks when no one is around?” is the query on my favorite, “Feel the Fall.” A question for the ages.

Burning Days is set for release in April, but chances are good you’ll hear plenty of the new music when you see Sons of Fathers tonight at Stubb’s indoor venue, 801 Red River. Beau Jennings and The Tigers start out the show. Get there after 9 p.m.

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