Trampoline Dream

Someone once described LF Antenna as a sort of “Kentucky-fried Radiohead,” an intriguing description for Kentucky-born songwriter Jesse Coleman Jones (the artist behind the name), whose combined stylings of Americana and electronic music strike a unique chord. It’s a shimmering signal this antenna’s transmitting,

Interestingly, Jones doesn’t make much reference to radio at all when discussing the musical influences he grew up with, those sounds filling the airwaves of his youth. Rather, Jones feels in tune to the literal airwaves themselves, almost the physicality of of it, and the very composition of the metal towers representing so many connections branching out, all resonating and inspiring.

Jones is also fascinated with what may initially appear to be the duality of “organic” and “electronic”; he describes his own sound as a fusion of the seemingly disparate styles of folk and electro-rock, but they’re not so foreign to one other. And both  equally express any emotion on the spectrum.

You’re in for not only a performance this evening, but an experience. LF Antenna plays tonight at Emo’s, 2015 E. Riverside Dr., as part of the RAW artists showcase, Ovation, in Austin. Visual and interactive art are the order of the evening, hosted by Demorris Hicks, including the performance by LF Antenna. Recommended.

-Photography by Steven Snow.

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