Trash Pick Up

Xavier Sanchez and Thom Valles first met during their high school freshman year in their hometown of El Paso, and it strikes the AMM as hilarious that the two couldn’t stand the sight of each other. However, a drumline teacher at school instinctively brought them together in band. Something clicked back then, and now their combined talents and exploration of rock, punk, psych and thrash creates a badass primal explosion. On their debut release TRASH, Cheeky Orange knows the distortion draws you in and messes you up.

Catch Cheeky Orange at their show tonight, Thursday March 23, at Mohawk on the indoor stage, with Gorbit and Luxury Television on the bill. Doors at 8 p.m.

Tell them the El Chuco homegirl sent you.

AMM March 23 2023

Cheeky Orange at Mohawk tonight, Thursday March 23, with Gorbit and Luxury Television.

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