Syrian-born songwriter and musician Azniv Korkejian knows about moving around a lot, so much so that the displacement made her feel as though she belonged…nowhere. Hence the moniker Bedouine – a take on bedouin, or wanderer. Korkejian’s lived in Boston, Houston, Los Angeles, Lexington, Austin and Savannah, but eventually decided L.A. was the place to be, where she felt more connected to a close-knit community of creatives in Echo Park.

Rather than setting out to be a music artist, Korkejian started out as a sound engineer and editor, working with both music and dialogue. But – fortunately for all of us – it was through this work that she kept meeting artists who renewed her own interest in making music. Bedouine’s self-titled LP shows a songwriter of tremendous depth; gorgeous arrangements; sophisticated layers of ’60s-era folk, ’70s-style country, a touch of soul, and jazz-pop from a Bossa Nova perspective. It’s an impressive and striking debut.

Tonight, Bedouine performs at the McCullough Theatre, 2375 Robert Dedman Dr., with Austin-based artist Sun June opening the show. The music begins at 8 p.m. Very recommended.

-Photography by Polly Barrowman.

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