Two Years of ABGB

Who: Hope you’ve been able to enjoy an extended Labor Day weekend. (If not, you have the empathy of your friendly neighborhood Austin Music Minute host, because radio never sleeps.) And this celebratory weekend happens to coincide with the Austin Beer Garden and Brewing Company‘s (ABGB) anniversary.

What: Of course, The ABGB couldn’t have a party without live music, and that’s what their party is featuring today, with performances by Elsa Cross (3 p.m.), Josh Buckley (4 p.m.), Mayeux & Broussard (5 p.m.), and today’s AMM featured artist, Leo Rondeau (6:30 p.m.)

When and where: Head out to the ABGB at 1305 W. Oltorf. The party continues throughout today and into the early evening. Recommended.

– Photo of Leo Rondeau courtesy of the artist.

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