Ume Front Woman Lauren Larson Sets the Stage on Fire

Personally, it was a thrill to see one of my all-time favorite local bands, Ume, have a guest appearance on Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations. It was a special SXSW edition, when Tony and crew descended upon the Live Music Capital of the World last March to experience the chaos that is South-By and feast on local tasty grub. While Bourdain is one of my favorite big-mouthed curmudgeons (that was a compliment, tall guy), one question definitely lingered with me for a bit after seeing that episode: Was he truly aware of the full force of raw energy and talent that is Ume guitarist/vocalist Lauren Larson? I should hope so.

Larson’s unmatched intensity and charismatic pull make for one explosive live performance. It’s no coincidence that practically every photo you might see of Larson performing always captures her in motion, perhaps in mid-leap, a massive blur of blond hair while the fingers are shredding like crazy, while bassist/husband Eric Larson and drummer Rachel Furhrer are tearing things up onstage with her in a frenzy. This is everything rock ‘n’ roll should be.

Talk about a huge treat for Free Week. Ume headlines a Free Week show tonight at Emo’s, 2015 E. Riverside. And if that isn’t enough excitement in itself, the line-up for the evening will rock your world tenfold: The Calm Blue Sea, The Black and White Years, My Jerusalem, and Los Angeles-based band (and a Laurie Show fave) Soft Swells. Holy crap. Seriously? Doors open at 8 p.m., and since it’s Free Week, it is well-advised to get there as early as possible. This is a guaranteed full house. Highly recommended.


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