Verdeland Vibes

Who: If you haven’t done so yet, you need to pick up a copy of Electric Verdeland Vol. 1. It’s an enjoyable experience to lose oneself in the swirling, multi-textured vibes of The Grassy Knoll, with a combination of organic and electronic sounds that make it so mesmerizing. The band got its start in the early nineties, but you cannot put a time stamp on this music. Songwriter Nolan Green fearlessly explores, creates and collaborates with careful attention to every detail. It’s what guitarist Vernon Reid referred to as Green’s “genre-twisting, outside-the-corral genius.”

What: If you missed The Grassy Knoll’s last performance at the Mohawk, do not fret. You have a brand new opportunity to experience their extraordinary performance tonight.

When and where: Tonight at the Mohawk, 912 Red River, on the inside stage, following (formerly Dale Earnhardt) Jr. Jr.‘s show on the outside stage. Zettajoule plays at 10 p.m., The Heavenly States at 11 p.m., and The Grassy Knoll at midnight. Very recommended.

-Photography by Holly Postler.

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