Virtual Church

For your Austin Music Minute host, the fascination began with an unofficial SXSW showcase presented by Church of the Friendly Ghost several years ago in East Austin; a wonderfully strange mix of undefinable genres that made for one of the best moments of musical discovery.

Created in 2003, CoTFG is an Austin-based volunteer-run arts organization supporting all manner of creative expression, from music and sound experimentation, to theater and film, to a wide array of multi-media projects. Their dedication and commitment to this kind of support has led to incredible projects like the New Media Art & Sound Summit, attended by artists and admirers from throughout the world.

CoTFG also loves facilitating mind-blowing collaborations between artists, and they’ve got one coming up this weekend with the sonic brilliance of Aural Canyon and bassist Rick Reed. The collab/event also includes Aaron Wharton, Bryan Gary, Shane Renfro (RF Shannon), Eduardo A. Garcia, Neil Lord (Future Museums), Mari Maurice, Charlie Russell, Michael C Sharp, and Matthew Hanner.

Catch the stream at 3 p.m. (Central) tomorrow, Saturday Jan. 9, on CoTFG’s Twitch, YouTube and Twitter.

Virtual Church

AMM January 8 2021 || Church of the Friendly Ghost stream Saturday Jan. 9

-Logo artwork courtesy of Church of the Friendly Ghost. Special thanks to Henna Chou for her assistance with today’s AMM.

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