Welcome Home

The Austin Music Minute is all over Megafauna‘s Welcome Home. There’s something…outrageously invigorating about blistering rock/prog/more rock escalating to mind-bending heights with unstoppable shredding in lovely weird time signatures, all unsettlingly and perfectly paired with stealth-vocals wisping and winding their way into the climactic blitz.

Front woman Dani Neff is the mastermind behind the unusual progressions on their latest album. There’s a sort of mathematical poetry to it, all asymmetrical flights and melodic patterns throughout. It’s another AMM fave, one that requires listening at top volume.

Welcome Home is out today, and Megafauna is celebrating its release in a major way with a gargantuan (no exaggeration) party tonight at Empire Control Room, 606 E. 7th St. This is one big line-up, kids:  Migrant Kids, Young Tongue, The Warplanes, The Real Blockhead, Perspectives on Energy, Casual Strangers, Opposite Day, Empire Machines, The Dirty Heat, Chasca, Retr0gRaDe, and Matt Goletz.

Whoa. Not so much a show as it is an extravaganza. Doors open early this evening at 7 p.m. Recommended.

-Photography by Michael Why.

-The AMM MP3 below originally aired yesterday, which is why the Megafauna show is announced as “tomorrow night.” 

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