Yeah Okay, I Know

It’s nothing new for Christian Lee Hutson to be labeled as an “old soul.” But such is the case when, in your early 20’s, you’re blessed with a voice that has a maturity beyond your years. From his debut EP, Will Never Break Up, to his debut full-length, The Hell With It, and just as powerfully on his latest release, Yeah Okay, I Know, you have the impression of an individual who’s seen it all. Perhaps that’s what he’s responding to with the recent album title: “Yeah okay, I know. I sound older.” However, even with the brooding, knowing tones in his ballads, there is Hutson’s youthful energy adding contemporary twists to classic styles.

Hutson is in Austin for a show tonight at Empire Control Room, 606 E. 7th St. It’s a great bill with local artists The Colin Bonnie Graham Band (featuring Colin Gilmore, Bonnie Whitmore and Graham Weber) and Anthony da Costa. Doors open at 7 p.m. Recommended.

– Photography by Erin Rambo.

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